Supplier of New and Used Tractors and Implements

Supplier of New and Used Tractors and Implements

My name is Butch Pike, supplier of New and Used Tractors and Implements. I have a long history in agriculture having grown up on a farm and farming for 21 years myself. I spent 9 years selling new tractors and implements before launching Butch Pike Sales. It is now my passion to help farmers be as efficient and economical as possible, assisting them in sourcing the right equipment for the job. 

Butch Pike Sales aims to assist with the development of emerging and small farmers, supplying training and maintenance of equipment, alleviating poverty through ensuring food security, and creating viable and sustainable communities in the rural areas by transferring of skills. We help with transformation projects and wish to grow this sector of our market.

We are set up to:

  1. Buy and sell new and used Tractors and Implements 
  2. Do equipment valuations
  3. Train people in correct and efficient use of agricultural equipment 
  4. Do mechanization planning and advise on best options for your operation 


To give every client the best service and quality by creating a win-win situation for every deal.


To be the most reliable, one-stop buying department for every farm and small holding.

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